Fighting for issues that provide Continuing Connection

NAPP is an organization that believes that dogs, cats and other pets so enrich our lives that we should recognize our pets/companion animals legally and even legislatively as "beyond mere property."

Tour our pages. Consider our points of view. If you find yourself in agreement - please join our cause.

NAPP seeks to enhance the quality of life of pets/companion animals and their guardians by:

Stopping Over-Vaccination

Challenging the pervasive and potentially harmfull small animal veterinary practice of companion animal over-vaccination.

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Pushing Legislation to Extend Companion Animal Protection

Advocacy changes in laws that presently treat dogs & companion animals as mere personal property (like toasters).

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Spearheading No Gotcha, Affordable & Convenient Pet Health Insurance

Influencing the homeowners insurer to adopt a unique patented pet health insurance idea for dogs & cats.

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