Did You Know?

Stay Informed! Your Dog or Cat will Thank You

"Emotional damage claims for pets in non-veterinary settings are common, BUT NOT for veterinary malpractice! - Goldberg Trends Magazine 12/2015 "

Veterinary Malpractice Lawsuits Almost Non-Existent, United States

"Did you know 80% of selected pet food diets were contaminated with unidentified ingredients. -Ricci et al.studies - ref: Dr. Jean Dodds "

Most Pet Foods Are Contaminated,

" Instead of paying $200 to $300+ for the titer test to save one's pet from another (unnecessary over vaccination) rabies shot? (for $50 total Kansas State University will do the three core vaccine titers... source: Dr. karen Becker   If your vet isn't telling you about this, the question is why isn't he or she informing you of this option? "

Did You Know: Kansas State Offers Titer Rabies Test for $30, Kansas State University