(Simcha's Torah) "In Their Midst"

(Once maybe twice a week - apart from advocacy efforts, I shall post excerpts from Simcha's Torah, (Inner) Journey's with Goodie (The GOODie Book), or Trust Me: I'm Not A Veterinarian....After all the efforts - the motivation for  NAPP is because "The Most Important Things In Life Aren't Things")


I will dwell in the midst of the Israelites and I will be their God. They shall know that I am God, their God, who brought them out of Egypt so that I may abide in their midst;I am God, their God

Torah Tezvaveh 6:44-45

            There are those days upon awakening, even interrupting my Shema, my mind is bombarded by the ‘this’s and that’s’, the what if’s, this anxiety – that concern….and irrespective of all the blessings – even trying to remember them – they are drowned out by ‘if then, how about, it’s over, etc etc etc. – wanting to pull the covers over my eyes…except

            There are four eyes looking at me – Goodie on the left with tender licks and then there is Simcha’s Ladder sequentially scotching up and then down a bit sprawling all over me –alternatively looking into my face head back and turning at the same time for a belly rub…. You know the drill….

            And the world, for those moments, is good, very good….in their midst.

"make Me a Sanctuary and I will dwell within them"

Exodus 25:8

          At the risk of shudder, being shunned and condemnation, in a certain sense, dogs (keleveim) past and present in our experience, exemplifying loyalty, being there, friendship, and many other meritorious traits have been and are in our midst as emissaries from God to also create space so that “I will dwell within them.”

            Thus, the inspiration for the title, Jew Again thru The Dog Door.(c)

            Chaim Luzzato wrote in the Path of the Just that this life was a corridor to The World to Come.

            Some of us eventually (if fortunate) are dragged by the end of the leash down that passageway – thankfully.

            When one of our emissaries from Hashem is recalled, still they dwell withinin the midst – as someone wrote, ““It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog which comes into my life, gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, And I will hope to become as generous and loving as they have been”

            These emissaries of God, thru the dog door – pulling towards the corridor – make room for God  to be within us – even maybe manifest our spark of the divine

            Thus, Dog is God’s opening act,  turning around three times – to make room ‘to be within them…in their midst’ if we observe. And so…

           And tummies to rub before I sleep

           And tummies to rub before I sleep