Simcha's Torah: It's Not As Good As Bubbe's

Simcha’s Torah: It’s Not As Good As Bubbe’s


No, no you can’t take that away from me

They Can’t Take That Away From Me


            I’ve gotten to know the Chef Bob at King Sooper’s Deli department in Greenwood. Or, should I say the Chef Bob has gotten to know me as he’ll comment that the prepared lime ginger salmon ‘just came out’ knowing weekly I order the salmon to go.

            I told him, ‘I can never make the lime ginger salmon, no matter, how many times I’ve tried, even using the same marinade as you do’ as good as you do. (Well for that matter none of salmon attempts be it from recipes on the NuWave cooker, or those from Rocco Disperito and Gretchen Scalpi’s cookbook.


My theory: it’s Bubbe’s Law. (Bubbe ‘Tillie’ Schwartz, that is)


            Every Sunday after Horror Zion Sunday School, I’d walk over to Greenhill Rd to see my Bubbe, Poppi and Uncle Herbie. (Uncle Herbie was always good for a quarter.)

            Per the routine, I’d sit in the kitchen across from Poppi who would be eating his strawberry jello™ with bananas as Bubbe prepared ‘in that pan’ scrambled eggs and toast for ‘her boylah.’

            Every Sunday after Sunday school for years.


            I asked my mom to make eggs for me ‘like Bubbe’s.’ Same brand of eggs – never as good. Same preparation in the same A&P Butter – never the same. Mom even got the same brand of pan Bubbe used – never the same – never as good as Bubbe’s – just like my preparation of the lime ginger salmon or any salmon is never as good as the King’s Chief Bob’s.


            Bubbe’s Law is not limited to culinary preparations.


            Every morning upon awakening, after saying the Shema, and letting Goodie and Simcha out to do their business, as I return back to bed, I remember running back to the middle of the bed awaiting then my Moses and Elle to jump up and settle – scootching next to my right side (Moses) and left side (Elle) both capturing my respective arm to pet them.

            Every morning.

            Now, after being let out,  Simcha and Goodie come back to bed – but not laying against me the same way. Goodie is curled against my back whereas Simcha lays partially on me, head on chest facing me. Simcha is the scootcher (especially if I put my hands over my face as he looks into my eyes) moving enthusiastically further up my chest closer to my chin – face to face, while, when it is Goodie’s turn – she’s more of a soft repetitive ‘smoocher.’


            No. it’s not the same as the Chef’s salmon nor Bubbe’s eggs nor Moses’ or Elle’s morning greetings – nor should it be. Bubbe’s Law proves we all have our own brand, signature, imprimatur regardless ‘the ingredients’

            And that is how come – we never have replacements of our companion animals that have graduated yet we receive from God (though thinking we selected) successors, worthy successors  - unique -special - in their own right – ‘sunny side up.’


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