Moolah’s Yahrzeit Remembered: A Life That Continues To Matter

Moolah’s Yahrzeit Remembered: A Life That Continues To Matter
He (Jacob/Yaakov) stopped breathing (1)
…Torah portion: VaYechi 47:28;
Coincidences are God’s way of winking  and so, I believe I was directed to Moolah by the sunrays of Hashem’s wink of an ‘eye”
          Unsuccessfully, I had looked and looked breeder after breeder for another miniature standard poodle as a friend for Buddy.
          Then one day driving up Broadway turning left (east onto Orchard) there outside Nelson Animal hospital standing regally was a black standard poodle with rays of sunlight shinning through that cloudy day highlighting this dog.
          The contrast was stark
          It was a sign – more than an anonymous wink.
          I asked dog trainer par excellence, Charlie Bartholomew, to look for a black standard poodle.
          And ‘it just so happened’ she knew of a litter that had just dropped a few days prior.
          Upon visiting the home raised litter, each of the pups had a different color fuzzy loose collar for identification.
          Moolah’s was purple.
          Moolah grew to but 50 lbs but she was and is my first Royal Standard Poodle.
Moolah will always be The Standard of Excellence: the best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be (the moniker of professional wrestling champion Brett ‘The Hit” Man Hart)
          Moolah taught me to ‘make loss matter’ and in her premature graduation (she skipped many grades) directly she has saved many K9 lives as well as prevented unnecessary heartbreaks of many an owner.
Though you intended me harm, God intended it for the good, in order to…preserve the lives of many…We must look beyond the veneer of ‘harm’ to its true purpose, which is to be transformed “for the good”
Chasidic Insights P329 Chumash Bereishit
The Book of Genesis
          When I went that fateful day knowing it was time for her to proceed, as she heard my voice – she lifted her head from the table at the vet’s one last time to acknowledge me as she was passing from auto immune hemolytic. Her premature graduation was due to:
over vaccination of rabies shot, disregarding the rabies warning label ‘administer only to healthy animals,’ flaunting of Colorado’s 1998 law allowing the three year rabies vaccination, as well as contempt by the veterinary clinic and national chain of the veterinary profession canon of ethics requiring informed consent.
          Moolah is the spark of God responsible for:
·         the Next To Kin Foundation,
·         the dependent claim on patents for discounts for minimum vaccination by law
·         for legislation allowing for waivers from over vaccinating potentially causing adverse reactions to health (contra indications) by rabies and other vaccinations (not just a waiver for potential death)
·         and coming soon N.A.P.P. ™ The National Association of Pet Parents advocating and dedicated to: extending companion animal healthier life spans & enhancing companion animal legal protection because:
          Yes, it was Buddy who gave my soul a way to go but Moolah pointed in this direction ‘to make loss matter.’
          Away Never Gone™
          Until Again.
I am Joseph your brother! You sold me to Egypt. Now don’t worry or feel guilty because you sold me. Look! God has sent me ahead of you to save lives…God has sent me ahead of you to insure that you survive in the land and to keep you alive through such extraordinary means.
Joseph (now Vicar of Egypt) to his brothers who sold him into slavery
Genesis VaVigash 45:4-7
Hashem sent Moolah ahead….
(1) Jacob (Yaakov my namesake) per Torah ‘stopped breathing.’  
Torah did not say Yaakov died because Yaakov/Israel lives on though his ideals .
Moolah stopped breathing
Moolah lives on