One customary convention after the greeting of hello, is how are you doing?
            My typical founder, charter member Hermits ‘r U, and alter cocker spaniel (1) pattern interrupt answer is ‘fair to partly cloudy with a chance of precipitation.’
            Two other customary conventions (especially at the businesses upon one’s arrival or at the check out register upon departure) ‘how is your day going (arrival) and or have a nice day’ (departure) to which I answer, ‘how can I not have a good day given I belong to two standard poodles. Do you have dogs?’
            Every, every one that has a dog or dogs (95% of those to whom I responded to with these responses) not only answers ‘yes’ with a smile – but when I follow up with ‘what’s their name’ they go on and on about the dog. And those that stop at the name, I ask, ‘tell me about (him or her)’ and then they go into soliloquies about their pups. If I dare ask, ‘does he or she sleep in the bed?’ (unless there is a line behind me) I get their dog’s life stories (typically with another smile) such that 98% of the conversation is by those inquired and 2% by me – a conversation content statistical distribution first for this Jew.
            Just recently, M told me of his Pomeranian mix, Jake, who slept by his side nightly, just passed – with  tear in his eye. Then there was S who’s 16 year old standard poodle Maddie ‘an athlete’ graduated 6 months ago – both wistful yet angry as Maddie succumbed to bloat when she had been tacked previously for bloat to prevent its re occurrence.
.And yet, our dogs – our companion animals - are still classified as no different than toasters in law by the Colorado legislature as well as the other 49 states. As such, while one can defend humans from intruders under Make My Day Laws – there is no affirmative defense to defend ones’ dogs and cats because they are ‘toasters.’ Yes, there is the defense of ‘the intruder was going to get my dog, and I was next’ which if true will prevail – but at legal costs of $15000 to even $50000. If our domesticated non farm animals were ‘living property’ and covered with an affirmative defense (as humans) under Make My Day Laws – the hassle and expense would be avoided and or at least minimized.
            So to the Colorado Legislature and legislators (who overwhelming feature their companion animals in their biographies) and who like 90% of all Americans believe their companion animal is a family member (70%+ of dogs sleep in our beds), isn’t it about time for Make My Dog’s Day Better whom ‘you belong to?’
“In the world to come (Olam Haba), the wolf will spin silk and the dog will open gates”
(Ecclesiastes. Rabbah 1)
(1) an alta kacker (yiddish) is a curmudgeon